About Funbies


Funbies . the safety furniture for children​​​​​​​

funbies is a Homegrown Malaysia Brand that specializes in offering baby nursery products.

At funbies, it is not just about designing furniture. It is about creating creative furniture that makes a positive difference and that encourages play and movement. A bed turns into a table, a change table becomes bookshelf, and a high chair grows with the child.

Child's Safety, Product's Creativity and Practicality are the key values of funbies all the time. Our products evolve with your child and the design is shaped to give the child freedom to move and grow. It can be passed on from generation to generation to prevent you from buying additional furniture at every stage of your child’s development.

We believe in shape, function and honest materials - design and function have to come together. That each item of furniture should fit the child and never in reserve order. 

Our combination of quality craftsmanship and innovative technology is what gives our furniture a much longer lifespan. We focus on create and increase product’s safety for children by using health-safe and user-oriented materials in order to meet the highest safety standards.

Most of the furniture we make is produced using natural material. We always take the responsibility on evaluate, review and seeking best solutions in reducing waste and minimizing environmental impact.